Noisemo - Free VST Noisy Synthesizer Instrument

Noisemo – Free VST Noisy Synth Instrument

Noisemo is a free VST unusual and noisy little synth – each wavecycle is produced by re-triggering a noise generator, producing an arbitrary, harmonically rich timbre. Auto-crossfading is applied to the two oscillators to create smooth evolving textures similar to Ensoniq’s Fizmo.

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Pling4 - Free Plucked String VST Instrument

Pling4 – Free Plucked String VSTi

Pling4 is a free plucked string model VST instrument with improved sustain and high frequency response thanks to hermite interpolation. The timbre is also significantly improved with a more complex pick impulse for brighter, crisper plucked string patches.

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