Yooz BL-303 | Free VST Synthesizer

Yooz BL-303 | Free VSTi Synthesizer by Yooz Music

Yooz BL-303 is a contribution synth with Big Love to the legendary Roland TB-303. The slide is sliding to the next note and the filter envelope isn’t retriggered. The Accent amount is growing when there are few accent notes in a row.

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Snacks From Mars | Free Samples Pack

Snacks From Mars | Free Samples Pack by Samples From Mars

Is your sampler hungry for some new sounds? Then feed it some snacks! Snacks From Mars is a small taste of sounds carefully selected from 22 of their full products. It includes hits from 12 drum machines and 10 multi-sampled synthesizers, and features 100% hardware processing through some of the finest recording equipment, conversion and tape machines the world has to offer.

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Troublemaker | Music App for iOS

Troublemaker | Music App for iOS by Bram Bos

The legendary TB-303 has magical properties; it is filled to the brim with analog shimmer. Its output jack is a gateway to a parallel universe and when you twiddle the filter knobs an army of highly trained pixies chisel the square waves from freshly harvested unicorn souls. So if you want a TB-303, you should buy a TB-303. But if you’re after *that sound* Troublemaker will give you everything you need in spades.

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Roland Drum Collection Royalty Free One Shot Hit Drums Vintage Drum Machines

Roland Vintage Drums | Free Drum samples

The Roland Analogue vintage Drum free collection are distinctive sounding drum libraries that are regarded as some of the most natural sampled drums available. Over 300 drum samples including drums from the classic Roland TR-808 drum machine…

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