Dreamscapes for Ableton Live

Dreamscapes for Ableton Live by Togeo Studios

Dreamscapes for Abletion Live is a new series of synths from Togeo Studios for the Live Simpler instrument device. Dreamscapes part 1 is set of 135 atmospheres, textures, drones, sound effects and evolving ambient pad synths.

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Cybernetics | Free Futuristic Sound Effects

Cybernetics | Free Futuristic Sound Effects by Ivo Ivanov

Cybernetics is a FREE pack of futuristic sound effects. Cybernetics features an exclusive collection of sound effects with a high-tech, sci-fi aesthetic. You will find robotic motion effects, metallic mutations, digital impacts, granulated liquid transformations and extremely complex morphing effects that defy categorization.

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Exophora | Free hybrid sound effects

Exophora | Free hybrid sound effects by Daed

Exophora is a FREE pack of heavily mutated sound effects designed by Daed. Exophora features an exclusive collection of hybrid sound effects that were designed with modern electronic music production in mind. You will find a unique selection of everyday sounds that have been expertly captured, digitally mutated and totally re-imagined.

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Hypnotic Magnetism Sample Pack

Hypnotic Magnetism Sample Pack by Bionik

Mallabel hosts it’s first FREE sample pack download with “Bionik Sample Pack #1”: a royalty free collection of hard hitting original sounds from artist/producer/engineer Stefon “Bionik” Taylor. Over 200 sounds, including Bass, Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percussion, Melodic, Vocals and EFX samples ready to inspire any producer or beat maker

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Tycho | Spatial, Cosmic, Sci-fi VSTi Synth

Tycho | Cosmic, Sci-fi oriented Synth by Aldo Calpini

Tycho is free a spatial, cosmic, sci-fi oriented VST synth instrument, the emphasys is on expresiveness: velocity and aftertouch (no polyphonic aftertouch, alas) can do a lot to the sound, so try it with a full featured MIDI keyboard.

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