Spore | Free pack of futuristic sound effects

Spore | Free Pack of Futuristic Sound Effects designed by Ivo Ivanov

Spore features an exclusive collection of sound effects with a high-tech sci-fi aesthetic. You will find a highly useful selection of hyper-stylized sub bass impacts, massive cinematic drones and eerie mutated atmospheres that defy categorization.

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Space Divers Mini | Free SFX Library

Space Divers Mini | Free SFX Library by Lukas Tvrdon

99Sounds proudly presents Space Divers Mini, the freely downloadable add-on to Lukas Tvrdon’s brand new Space Divers sound library. Space Divers Mini contains 49 original sound effects which aren’t available in the main release.

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PaulXStretch | Free Time Stretching Plugin

PaulXStretch | Free VST / AU Time Stretching Plugin by Xenakios

PaulXStretch – free VST2/AU Plugin for extreme time stretching and other spectral processing of audio, This plugin is based on the PaulStretch algorithm/standalone app. (Paul’s Extreme Time Stretch.)

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Proximity | Free Modular Synthesizer Sound Effects

Proximity | Free Modular Synthesizer Sound Effects by Ivo Ivanov

Proximity is a free pack of modular synthesizer sound effects designed by Ivo Ivanov. Proximity features a collection of modular synthesizer sound effects featuring modules from Make Noise, Malekko and The Harvestman. You will find a solid collection of useful effects such as gritty one-shot modulations, electronic blips, bass stabs and glitches.

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Woosh Transitions | Free Samples

Woosh Transitions | Free Samples by Karel Psota

Woosh Transitions are free Minimalist transition sound effects generated with white noise and processed with some magic. Ideal for video editors that want their cuts to flow. Also works in fight scenes if you layer the sound right before an impact.

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Simple Synths | Free Pack for Ableton Live

Simple Synths | Free Pack for Ableton Live by Togeo Studios

The Simple Synths Bundle is a free Ableton Live pack. It is a compilation package of four seperate Togeo Studios products from 2008-2009. They have been cleaned up and repacked together as a single Live Ready pack that will install automatically into your Ableton library in one clean and easy process.

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