n0t0miz0r | MIDI Note Randomizer VST

n0t0miz0r | MIDI Note Randomizer VST by SyS Audio Research

n0t0miz0r was created to provide a simple and fast solution for generating infinitely randomized output, regarding the pitch of a given note. This is quite handy if you do not have a faulty sequencer or an analog modular synthesizer with a sequencer option at hand. For 80’s-style electronic dance basslines for example, unpredictable randomness is mandatory.

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IRRUPT Audio has created 200 MIDI BASSLINES as an exclusive gift for Sonicwire customers.

Looking for a slow motion jazzy bassline for your downtempo track? A swinging funked up groove for your house or techno jam? Or a smoking wobbling throbbing sizzler for your dubstep hit? IRRUPT has got you covered!

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Hex | Free Multi-track MIDI Sequencer

Hex | Free Multi-track MIDI Sequencer by Dynamic Tonality

Hex is a free multi-track MIDI sequencer that facilitates music composition in microtonal tunings. It integrates seamlessly with the DT-enabled synthesizers, or with any standard MIDI synthesizer. Moreover, it can also be used in conjunction with a digital audio workstation such as Pro Tools, Logic, Steinberg Cubase, Cockos Reaper, Ableton Live, Tracktion or Cakewalk SONAR.

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MPG64-R | Free Step Midi Sequencer

MPG64-R | Free Step Midi Sequencer by Gradywerks

The MPG64-R is a free Step Midi sequencer instrument and is the sister program of the MPG64-A and is geared for creating drum patterns. Some features include the ability to play in midi sync with the MPG64-A and the ability to export the pattern data to a Midi file.

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DMS Free MIDI Loops Pack 2017 Vol 2

DMS Free MIDI Loops Pack 2017 Vol 2 by Dance MIDI Samples

DMS Free MIDI Loops Pack 2017 Vol 2 contains free super-flexible 35 MIDI chord progressions and synth riffs taken from a cross-section of DMS packs: absolutely free! They’ve taken these chord sequences from some of their favourite series including ‘EDM Club Chords’, ‘Essential Trance MIDI’, ‘Anthemic Trance Pads’, ‘Future Trance Progressions’ and ‘Big Room Trance & Progressive’ MIDI packs.

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