Retron | Free mono tube amp VST

Retron | Free mono tube amp VST by JC Productionz

Retron is a free mono tube amp plugin designed to add light to heavy tonal colouring & light/medium distortion to your audio. Retron is designed to give that old sound to anything it processes, and features effects including a phaser, delay with analog filter, fuzz module and a built-in nonadjustable compressor. The main filtering in Retron is an 8 stage lowpass filter, and there’s also a dedicated filter for the delay/echo effect with a choice of formpass, phatpass and lowpass.

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RHEC - Free VST Synthesizer Instrument

RHEC – VST Synthesizer Instrument

RHEC has a very analog sound with enough bite to cut through a dense mix, there’s enough features packed into this synth to keep you twiddling for hours, and the delay effects really enhance the whole experience encompassing you in a wide stereo field.

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ProjectX1 - Free Bass Synthesizer VST

ProjectX1 – Free Bass Synthesizer VST

ProjectX1 is a free VST hybrid bass synth utilizing subtractive, fm, phase distortion and unison synthesis. It’s essentially a monophonic synth but has a pseudo stereo mode also and features 2 filters, 2 adsr’s, mod envelope generator, 2 modulation matrix’s with 24 possible destinations each and the source signals can also be inverted.

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