ReSlice | Audio Slice Machine for iPad / iPhone

ReSlice | Audio Slice Machine for iPad / iPhone by VirSyn

Slice your audio samples with ReSlice and create flexible musical atoms which can be triggered by MIDI notes or the touch of your fingers.

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Cryologic - Free SoundFont Player & Library

Cryologic – SoundFont Player & SoundFont Library

Cryologic is a soundfont library and a soundfont player very simple and easy to use. The SF-Oscillators allows to layer up to three different sounds with separate controls for level, pan, and octave shift for each osc.

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VACS Free VST instrument Synthesizer Audio Plugin

VACS – VST Synthesizer Instrument

VACS is the contraction for virtual analog club synth. It‘s a softsynth, based on subtractive synthesis for EDM, House, Dance, Trance, Dub, Trap and other styles of electronic music. VACS is split up in to various sections on two different pages.

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