ChillerScapes | FREE Spooky Ambiences & Drones for Horror

ChillerScapes | FREE Spooky Ambiences & Drones for Horror by Resomonics

ChillerScapes is a Free Kontakt Library from Resomonics. It’s a free collection of chilling atmospheres & drones for horror, custom controls to increase or decrease intensity and pulsing rhythms. featuring 18 patches of chilling soundscapes and drones with a custom interface. An intensity dial allows you to evolve and build the sound, whilst other controls allow you to introduce rhythmic pulsing and distortion.

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Tycho | Spatial, Cosmic, Sci-fi VSTi Synth

Tycho | Cosmic, Sci-fi oriented Synth by Aldo Calpini

Tycho is free a spatial, cosmic, sci-fi oriented VST synth instrument, the emphasys is on expresiveness: velocity and aftertouch (no polyphonic aftertouch, alas) can do a lot to the sound, so try it with a full featured MIDI keyboard.

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