NDS - Tuned Kick Drums & Fill Loops Vol. 2

NDS – Tuned Kick Drums & Fill Loops Vol. 2

A pack of professionally designed chunky kick drums and kick drum fill loops, matched and created to fit perfectly in House and Techno tunes destined for vinyl so they are ready to jmp into your mix and super charge the character, with this pack of 200 super punchy hybrid kick-drums the idea is you are getting the real deal ready to use.

Each kick is a hybrid masterpiece, bringing together analogue, digital, hardware and reel to reel layers to make a collection of kicks which punch through the mix, and have enough character to gel into your mix and add that often hard to achieve unified sense to your rhythm. None of these kicks are your standard 808 or 909 although those machines played and active part in how we made them.

With this pack you get kicks that are sculpted and layered to match the kind of records we love, hybrid kicks layering different samples along with noise and more analogue sounds from vinyl and Studer tape as always.

USEFUL FOR GENRES LIKE: Deep House | House | Techno | Tech-House | Minimal | Electro | EDM | Dub

Tuned Kicks & Kick Fill Loops includes:

Bassdrum Single Shots: 200 Bassdrum single shots, sampled meticulously in the ND studio, recorded pristine, to tape, to digital sampler, and many other ways. Featuring two variations of each sample to give you tone options right out of the box.

50 Kick Fill Loops: Adding the dash of creativity we like to lock into all our packs we have put together a few freaked out rhythms and fills for people to cut up into there work, taking the kicks we slaved over and putting them to some mind bending use. Really useful stuff.

All loops in Recycle REX Format: Reason lovers, Ableton guys and pretty much everyone else who is compatible with rex we got you covered. Ready Chopped by hand.

Sampler programs for all shots: As usual we have the full range of sampler programs compatible with Kontakt | Ableton | EXS24 | NNXT and many more.

Price: £8.99

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