MPC 60 Drum Samples [Free]

MPC 60 Drum Samples [Free]

MPC60 Drum packs. It includes: Layered Drums, Vinyl Drums, Various Drum Machines, FX and even some synth sounds. All sampled on the MPC60.

The MPC 60 is a 16 voice polyphonic, 12-bit, 40kHz, drum sampler. Designed by Roger Linn for Akai.  It was produced in 1988 and retailed for about $5000 usd.  This drum machine has earned legendary status as a beat making tool.  It’s sound is often described as punchy and warm… and it’s swing quantize is incredibly funky and much loved by Hip Hop producers.

In this sample pack:

  • Hi Hats
  • Snares
  • Kicks
  • Fx

The Akai MPC60 (“MIDI Production Center 60″) is an electronic musical instrument produced in 1988, by the Japanese company Akai.

It combined MIDI sequencing and audio sampling with a set of velocity/aftertouch-sensitive performance pads, to produce an instrument optimized for use as a drum machine. The MPC60 enjoyed great popularity, particularly among musicians producing Hip Hop and similar styles.


Price: Free

Info & Download >> BurghRecords / MPC 60 Drum

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