Modulok | Free Percussive Sample Pack

Modulok | Free Percussive Sample Pack by WaveShaper

Modulok is a percussive sample pack made using two semi-modular analogue synths, a couple of vintage synthesizers and a bunch of analogue FX all linked together in a modular fashion.

The goal is to bring out the character of the analogue sound (both smooth and wild, futuristic and retro, raw and advanced), in a big & versatile drumsample pack, suitable for all kind of music. Analogue but not cliché, this pack knows no boundaries.

The Modulok pack features more than 380 drumsamples for your audio production:

  • 364 one-shot samples, gathered in 4 categories : kicks, snares & lasers, hats & cymbs, percussions & sfx (each categories being sub-divised in 2 sub-categories for a quicker browsing) ;
  • 23 loops of analogue drones and textures ;
  • All the samples are 24bit, 48Khz stereo WAV files


Price: Free

Info & Download >> WaveShaper / Modulok

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