MGF Audio - Free Experimental Samples Pack

MGF Audio – Free Experimental Samples Pack

MGF Audio is Sydney based sound designer Martin Peploe, who is kindly offering this unique collection of experimental samples for free download via 99Sounds. MGF Audio focuses largely on raw analogue and digital tones, as well as cloudy ambient textures, often with a lean towards 90s electronica and “IDM”.

This free sound library comprises a collection of multi-sampled instruments, one-shot samples and a set of 50 presets for the Ableton Operator virtual instrument. The included sounds range from warm tones of the Roland Juno synthesizer that was recorded to VHS tape, to harsh digital noises, Yamaha DX21 glitches, and organic percussion sounds.

  • 137 audio samples
  • 9 NKI patches (NI Kontakt 5)
  • 50 Ableton Operator patches
  • 24-bit WAV format
  • 96 kHz Stereo
  • 149 MB size on disk
  • 107 MB download size (RAR archive)

Price: Free

Info & Download >> 99Sounds / MGF Audio

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