Label Sampler 4 sample library

Label Sampler 4 from Function Loops

The latest Label Sampler from Function Loops covering some of the top selling sample packs from first half of 2014.

Inlcuding almost 1GB of content, featuring EDM , Trance and House genres. You will find everything: Basslines, Vocals, Synths, FX , Drums and much more.

Compiled from “EDM Acapellas With Lokka” , “EDM Acapellas With Rachel”, “#VOX” , “Festival Trance 2” , “Deep Inside”, “Epic Summer EDM” & “Chart Breaking EDM” sample packs.


  • 214 files in total
  • 965MB of content
  • MIDI & WAV (Loops + Oneshots)
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Info & Download >> Function Loops / Label Sampler 4

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