InterSpace - free sample and sound effects library

InterSpace – free sound effects and samples library

InterSpace is a free sample library inspired by space travel and distant worlds, crafted by Johan Ekelove aka Introspectral. The library features a wide range of sci-fi sound effects, abstract sonic textures and futuristic noises.

InterSpace contains 87 audio samples in total, based around the idea of an alien landscape populated by strange and in some case, indefinable sonic architecture. The included samples are separated into three different categories:

Atmosphere // Contains 13 abstract ambiences and drone-like elements with a somewhat dystopian motive.

Movement // Contains 48 sounds based around the idea of movement. Most of these sounds are highly textural and in some ways, as well as atmospheric.

Oneshot // Contains 19 one shot samples, often short and to the point. Some are close to being percussive sounds, while others are more like FX sounds.

All included samples are available in 24-bit WAV format. The download also includes instrument mappings in SFZ format which can be loaded in compatible virtual instruments such as sforzando and Zampler.


  • 89 sci-fi sound effects
  • SFZ patch
  • 24-bit WAV format
  • 44.1 kHz Stereo
  • 167 MB size on disk
  • 144 MB download size (ZIP archive)

Price: Free

Info & Download >> 99Sounds / InterSpace – free sample library

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