Hot 808 - Free Roland 808 Drum Machine Samples

Hot 808 – Free Drum Machine Samples

Hot 808 is a FREE collection of premium quality drum machine samples from the 80’s Roland 808. This sample pack contains 645 samples of this original classic and was recorded through Metric Halo convertors and premium quality preamps. The Roland 808 has featured on thousands of tracks over the years and is still the go to for Hip Hop producers worldwide.

The preamps used to record the samples are the Neve 5017, UA 6176 and the LA 610 MK2. They have sampled all the drum sounds with slight variations of the settings, so you can find the right sound for you productions. Also included are 46 bonus loops which can be used as a construction kit to help get you started. Moreover, they have also included a collection of hybrid samples which merge two or more samples together.

Hot 808 Contents

  • Recorded through Neve 5017, UA 6176 and the LA 610 MK2 preamps
  • 24 Bit, 44.1 khz Wav files
  • 645 Samples
  • Include 46 construction loops at 112 bpm
  • 259 Kick samples
  • 106 Snare samples
  • 9 Clap samples
  • 7 Clave samples
  • 17 Cowbell samples
  • 34 Cymbal samples
  • 26 Hi Hat samples
  • 9 Maraca samples
  • 9 Rimshot samples
  • 47 Tom samples
  • 75 Hybrid samples
  • 214mb download
  • Can be used in any sampler or DAW


Price: Free

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