Free Production Loops 2016 -Heavyocity- GRAVITY and Master Sessions

Free Production Loops 2016 by Heavyocity

Free Production Loops 2016 were built entirely from the critically-acclaimed virtual instruments, GRAVITY and Master Sessions. Delivering over 1.1 GB of WAV, REX, and Apple Loops files, Free Production Loops is a rare opportunity to sample the signature sound design quality of Heavyocity.

The Free Production Loops pack contains 30 melodic loops created with GRAVITY, and 120 percussive loops created with Master Sessions, presented in REX, WAV, and Apple Loops format. The Melodic loops cover a wide range of sequences crafted with pulsing synthetic and organic sounds. The Percussive loops offer a variety of organic ensemble grooves, ready to add powerful cinematic rhythms and effects to any production.


  • 1.11 GB uncompressed
  • Presented in WAV, REX and Apple Loops Formats
  • 30 melodic loops from GRAVITY
  • 120 percussion loops from Master Sessions



Price: Free

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