Judd Madden Free Drum Samples Pack

Free Drum Samples Pack by Judd Madden

Judd Madden Drum Samples is a free sample pack from Judd Madden, a graphic designer and musician living in Melbourne, Australia. It contains 118 free drum samples, recorded on his old Dolphin kit.

  • 32-bit WAV files
  • Natural stereo mix and room reverb
  • Kick, Snare (on and off), Hi-hats, Three Toms, Three Crashes, Ride, Splash, China
  • A range of velocities and inflections
  • Includes an Ableton Live drum rack created by Alan Lee Sound
  • No copyright attached or anything, use it for anything you like.

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Judd Madden / Drum Samples Pack

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