Free 80s Snares

Free 80s Snares by Loops de la Crème

Free 80s Snares – Bring the power, excess and feel of the 80’s to your tracks with these 20 one-shot samples taken from loops de la crème’s 80s Snares.

Features three categories of sounds:

  • raw electro snares, toms and claps captured from vintage gear
  • 80s style acoustic snare drum samples
  • mixed and processed samples for instant 80s vibe


  • 20 one-shot samples (WAV, 24bit, 48kHz)
  • License Agreement + read me file
  • Total size uncompressed: 9MB
  • ‘Pay what you want’ – no minimum (recommended price range: 0€ – 3€)


Price: Free

Info & Download >> Loops de la Crème / Free 80s Snares

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