Dark Chords | Free Grand Piano Samples

Dark Chords | Free Grand Piano Samples by Sample Modern

Dark Chords is a free sample pack including 30 HQ Grand Piano Samples for Trap, Background and Ambient – Atmospheric music.

Dark Chords pack includes 30 HQ piano chords in Wav and Aiff formats with 99Mb total size and 43Mb Download size. This unique Rachmaninoff style piano chords can be used in many styles and genres such as classical, or trap/ club music as a background ambient music. Wav files are 24Bit.


  • Pack Contains 30 HQ samples in two formats AIFF & 24Bit Wav.
  • 43Mb Download Size
  • 99Mb Total Size (unrared)
  • The product is also royality free to use.


Price: Free

Info & Download >> Sample Modern / Dark Chords

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