Dance Vocals Vol.1 | Sample Pack Soundkore [free]

Dance Vocals Vol. 1 | Sample Pack [Free]

Dance Vocals Vol.1 is a free sample pack from Soundkore. Having the right vocal hook can make the difference between a good or great production. Whether it’s the last phrase before your drop, a vocal hook, or a chopped up vocal loop, with 18 unique toplines recorded there is bound to be a vocal gem in here for your project !

All of these vocal samples have been run through extensive processing getting them wide and fat so they’re ready to drop right into your productions. In addition to spoken phrases and vocal melodies, there are 20 chopped up vocal melody loops included !



Included Samples:

  • 18 Vocal Melodies: Stand alone melody loops crafted to compete with the pros
  • 20 Chopped Vocal Loops: These samples are polished and ready for any style of production
  • 19 Spoken Phrases: Great for finding a theme to use throughout your track


Price: Free (Facebook & Soundcloud required)

Info & Download >> Soundkore / Dance Vocals Vol 1

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