Celtic Harp for Kontakt

Celtic Harp for Kontakt released on patchpool

Patchpool released Celtic Harp for Kontakt 4 and higher:

Kontakt 4 – 393,4 MB unzipped – 48Khz/24Bit/stereo – 5 nkis/Instruments
328 Samples compressed using Kontakt 4’s ncw format (767 MB uncompressed)
3 Impulse Responses
Price: 18 €

This library contains 328 Celtic Harp samples from the library Scattered Entity Vol. 1 for MachFive 3. A celtic harp with 27 strings (3.5 octaves) was multisampled in 48 Khz/24 Bit using 3 Neumann Microphones (L-C-R), a U87 for the centre and a stereo set of KM-184 for the sides.

More info >> Patchpool / Celtic Harp for Kontakt

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