700 MB Free Samples Loops by Lucidsamples

700 MB Free Samples Loops by Lucidsamples

Lucidsamples Free Samples Loops is a free promo sample pack includes over 750 sounds and loops from Lucidsamples’ sample packs. They dedicate these samples for all music producers and djs, who create modern or old skool music. The contents of this pack can be used to create any dance/ electronic/ urban music like EDM, techno, dance, house, electro, dubstep, trance, minimal, deep / tech, hardstyle, industrial, ambient, electronic, hip hop, pop and other music genres.


750+ Free Samples and Loops

  • Free Dj Samples
  • Free Sound Effects
  • Free Drums & Drum Loops
  • Free Synth Samples
  • Suitable for any dance/ electronic/ urban genres
  • Formats: WAV, Apple Loops, Rex2, Midi


Type of samples:

  • Drum Samples – kicks, snares, claps, cymbals, hihats, crash, rides, toms, synth drums, minimal drums, drumsounds.
  • Drum Loops – dance, house, techno, trance, deep/ tech, electro, minimal, uk garage, funky, hip hop, classic house, electronic drum loops.
  • Percussion – ethnic and world percussion, bongos, congas, shakers, cowbells, tambourine, timpani, metallic, minimal percussion sounds.
  • Sound Effects – sweeps up, sweeps down, reverbkicks, impacts, reverse fx, cinematic sounds, science fiction fx, dj sounds, scratches, alarms, lasers, explosions, bleeps, downfilters, upfilters, noise fx, experimental, ambience and more sfx sounds.
  • Synth Samples – bass sounds, synth loops, leads, hooks, beeps, synthlines.
  • Loops Samples – bass loops, synth loops, pianos, rhodes, guitars, saxophone, drum loops
  • One Shots – chords, stabs, organs, pianos, basses, synths
  • Hard Sounds – hardstyle sounds and loops, hard effects, kicks, techno synths.
  • Midi Samples – hardstyle midi samples, house & garage midi sample
  • Vocals – hooks, phrases, vocal loops, vocal samples


Price: Free

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