17 Vintage Chords | Free sample pack

17 Vintage Chords | Free sample pack by Loops de la Crème

These chords were created using the Kontakt instrument VINTAGE CHORDS. With 60 combinable voices, a funky ‘Chord Memory’ function and over 36 chord presets, this new library is perfect for producing and performing classic-sounding chords.

The output of Kontakt was recorded onto an audio track in Cubase, and the samples were then trimmed and normalized at -2dB, without any other processing.

These chords come in two audio formats: the original ‘HIFI’ version (stereo, 24bit, 48kHz) and a LOFI version (mono, 16bit, 44.1kHz) to import the sounds in hardware synths and samplers.

Have fun with these sounds, be creative, or simply download the small pack to get a little taste of the unique instrument VINTAGE CHORDS 🙂

  • 17 samples in two audio formats (34 files)
  • total size zipped: 55MB
  • Donation ware (‘pay what you want’, no minimum: enter ‘0’ as a price for a free download)
  • recommended donation: 2€ – 6€


Price: Free

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