Free Ambient Drums ReFill by Nucleus SoundLab

Free Ambient Drums ReFill by Nucleus SoundLab

Ambient Drums is a free percussion ReFill by Nucleus SoundLab for Propellerhead Reason. Nucleus SoundLab has made Ambient Drums a 100% free product !

Ambient Drums is focused on atmospheric and otherwordly percussion sounds of all variations. Resynthesis, wavetable, granular, convolution and other methods were used in product development. Whenever you need some percussion that goes beyond the ordinary, Ambient Drums will deliver !

  • Contains nearly 500mb of raw samples.
  • Sampled in 24-bit 44khz for hi-fidelity.
  • Includes both wet samples processed with high-quality convolution reverb, and dry samples ready for your own processing.
  • Over 370 unique samples divided into 24 kits (12 dry, 12 wet).
  • 64 custom Reason 3 Combinator patches and 24 NN-XT patches.

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