Beat Crush Reason Rack Extension

Beat Crush Reason Rack Extension by Nucleus SoundLab

Beat Crush is a fully-featured multi-FX device, but it’s central feature is the customizable bitcrusher at it’s core.


By default, any audio you run through Beat Crush is crushed down to 12-bit. This adds a very subtle crunch that sounds great on drums and is reminiscent of classic samplers and drum machines from the 80s/90s.

However, the possibilities for creative FX grow exponentially when you use the array of Bit Buttons across the bottom of the device. With these buttons, you can turn on/off/invert each of the individual 12-bits. This leads to a near-endless number of custom distortions available.


To complement the bitcrusher, Beat Crush also features two advanced multi-mode filters. What’s most exciting about this addition, is that the filters can be arranged in the signal path in five different ways. Three serial modes and two parallel modes are available. The parallel modes even allow stereo panning of filters for wider sounds !

Beat Crush Reason Rack Extension
Beat Crush Reason Rack Extension

Modulate Everything

Beat Crush features an onboard LFO and Envelope for very quick modulation of the most important parameters. In addition to that, nearly all parameters are modulatable via CV. Going even further, many controls are modulatable via MIDI for live performance purposes!

Pure Quality Patches

Beat Crush comes packed with 60 Combinator patches that meet all the usual Nucleus SoundLab high standards: Each Combinator has unique rotary, button, modwheel and even pitchwheel(!) destinations; Combinators are categorized across four folders for easy access; 80+ device patches that make up each Combinator are also available; and all patches have been meticulously volume-balanced to fit into your mix instantly and not offend ears or blow monitors.

Compatibility: Beat Crush is fully compatible with all versions of Reason capable of hosting Rack Extensions (Reason 6.5 and greater)

Price: Regular price €52/$65. Until January 16th, 2015 get it for just €39/$49.

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