Notation - Audio to Musical Score and guitar tab App

Notation – Audio to Musical Score and guitar tab App

Notation is an iOS app that converts audio to both musical score and guitar tab, in real time.

Notation is an iOS app which converts the regular audio from your smartphone microphone into the wonderfully unique, complex and ordinarily frustrating musical languages of notated score & guitar TAB, all in real time.

Whereas sheet music apps available on the App Store now only convert from MIDI signals, Notation converts the audio right from your device’s microphone meaning you can write your musical ideas absolutely anywhere. Notation also packs a host of features including tuition whereby users can sing into the device and learn how to read music easier than ever before.

Notation works by recording any instrument; be it guitar, piano, voice or keys, and then processing the audio into musical score.

As a songwriter you can sing ideas into your phone on the go and have them notated to develop further. Or as a musician you can run Notation whilst composing and you never have to worry about forgetting that masterpiece you’ve just come up with.

Notation includes a tuition function to allow beginners to learn how to read sheet music.

Price : $1.99 / 1,79 € / £1.49

Size: 32.5 MB

Info & Download >> jamiemaison / AppStore

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