Wonder Harp | Free Kontakt Instrument

Wonder Harp | Free Kontakt Instrument by Audio Wonder

Wonder Harp is an odd and quirky collection of harp and “harp-like” sounds created from recordings of an orchestral harp and a plethora of analog and digital synthesizers. Audio Wonder wanted to give composers a unique palette of tools for use in their compositions that could be used the same way a traditional harp would be used.

The collection contains over 100 patches of acoustic and synthesized patches created by our expert team of sound designers. Ideal for use in film, video game and trailer compositions, Wonder Harp is a unique, versatile and easy to use collection that will add new color and dimension to your music.


Wonder Harp was recorded in a world class, dry recording studio using a collection of high-end condensers and ribbon microphones via SSL converters and Neve preamplifiers.

INSTRUMENTS – The library features the following instruments:

  • Harp – “Natural”
  • Synth

Natural – The “natural” patches contain the acoustic harp articulations, broken up into 4 mic positions and feature 5 velocity layers.

  • Mix
  • Room
  • Mid
  • Close

Synth – The “synth” patches folder contains nearly 100 patches of inspiring percussive synth sounds handcrafted from a variety analog and digital synthesizers. These patches are meant to be used in combination with the natural harp samples, though they stand perfectly well on their own.

Full Retail Version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5.2 or later Require.


Price: Free

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