Retro Drum Kit | Free Kontakt Instrument

Retro Drum Kit | Free Kontakt Instrument

Retro Drum Kit is a Free Kontakt drum instrument collection by Sample Modern and Mkhitaryan Production for Free. If you are searching complete drum instrument collection for your disco, popfunk and retro style tracks, than this is just one for you.

A specific retro sound with one layering is what they have created. The pack contains 9 NKI instruments` Clean Kit, Hard Compressed, 60s Drums, 70s Drums, Bass Kit, Boombox Kit, Mute Kit, Tape Record Kit and Treble Kit.

The instruments have very simple interface, and can be modified, if you want to get another sound style. The instruments have the highest quality and the smallest size` Only 84Mb for 9 instruments.

Retro Drum Kit Setails

  • Pack Contains 9 Retro Drum instruments for NI Kontakt.
  • 32Mb Download Size
  • 84Mb Total Size (unrared)



Price: Free

Info & Download >> Sample Modern / Retro Drum Kit

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