Bleepman - free retro lo-fi bleeping synthesizer for Kontakt

Bleepman – Free Retro lo-fi Synthesizer for Kontakt

Bleepman is a free Kontakt instrument virtual device designed to bleep. It is based on single-cycle waveforms. The waveforms have been recorded from vintage analog synthesizer, some random old electronic gadgets, or generated digitally to resemble sounds of old video games.

Bleepman – A Bleeping synthesizer for Kontakt

There are 40 waveforms to choose from, last two being noise variants.

As the name implies, it is aimed at retro computers muzak re-creation / chip-tune vibe. The sound source is set of 40 waveforms recorded from various forms of old electronic equipment, or generated digitally with bleeping sounds in mind.

It has four step sequencers with selectable transition shapes, which can be assigned to modulate various parameters. There are two additional voices, which can be used to fatten sound or to add texture.

It’s free to use, weights 1MB zipped, requires full version of Kontakt 4.2 or newer.

Price: Free

Info & Download >> szcz’s Audio Adventures / Bleepman

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