CGC Shaker | Experimental Percussion Kontakt, SFZ & Wav Instrument

CGC Shaker | Experimental Percussion Kontakt Instrument, SFZ & Wav

CGC Shaker is a free experimental percussion sounding similar to shaker. It’s made out of recordings of Camping Gas Cartridges (CGC) filled with sand (and small rocks). It’s not that very predictive when in use, making similar but always different sound so we used many round robins to emulate that.

There are probably out there some world instruments sounding or made in a similar way so in a way it is foley and world and experimental percussion instrument.

They sampled/made instruments of 4 types of shakers, more in the manual.

CGC Shaker has the following formats:

• CGC Shaker Kontakt 96Khz (Kontakt, SFZ, wav oneshots)
Software requirements: NI Kontakt full version (Not free Player version!) v5.4.1 or later and/or sfz sample player like (free) Sforzando (other sfz players might not support round robin or other opcodes). Contains Kontakt and SFZ instruments and also wav oneshots for any sampler


Most instrument format versions use 880 samples each and 22 round robins per shaker type of movement.

All formats use 24-bit samples. Instruments samples are unprocessed (raw) ie “dry” ready for further processing. If you don’t like or have time to experiment there are bonus loops which can be used as is or processed further (they have a slight amount of applied effects but not much).



Price: Free

Info & Download >> Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes / CGC Shaker

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