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Free VST / AU / AAX Effects & Instruments Plugins database. Find the free audio VST / AU plugin you need. Whether you are looking for VST / AU instruments or effects.


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Free VST instruments pages for all your needs. whether your are looking for a drum machine or a polyphonic synth

You can choose a category or browse all free VST instruments.

The free VST instrument database :

Free VST / AU / AAX instruments

Browse all Vst Instruments

  • Ambient – Free Synthesizer Instruments to make ambient, soundscapes, pads, new age music
  • Arpeggiator & Sequencer – Arpeggiator, Sequencer & Step Sequencer Instruments
  • Bass – VST instrument to reproduce sound of bass.
  • Drums / Beats – If you are looking for vst instrument that sounds like drums, percussion, drum machine or to make beats
  • Ethnic – Free World Instruments plugins
  • Guitar – Instruments to reproduce the sound of a acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo…
  • Organ – Find free instruments that sounds like organ, Vintage Organ, emulation of an organs of the 60’s-70’s,…
  • Others VSTi – Well, all others such as virtual harmonium, harmonica, oboe, music box, saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Glockenspiel, Harp, Orchestral, Xylophone instruments.
  • Piano / Keyboard – From virtual acoustic Grand Piano emulation to Wurlitzer Electric Piano or Toy Keyboard
  • Samplers & Romplers – Sample players, samplers, Soundfont Player/SFZ Player or Romplers category
  • Strings – From virtual analogue string machine to Orchestral Strings (violins, violas, cellos,…) or plucked string
  • Synth – All free VST / AU synth instruments, FM, AM, substractive, hybrid, polyphonic, monophonic, vintage, emulation of famous synthesizers…

Free VST / AU / AAX Effect

Free Effect database. From simple amp to great equalizer or compressor, you will find a directory of free effect plugin for all your needs for nothing.

Browse all Effects

  • Amp – From tube amplifier to pre-amp or cabinets simulator
  • Bit Crusher – Free Bit-crusher plugins
  • Bundle / Multi – Free Multi Effect Plugin all-in-one or bundles of
  • Chorus – Free Chorus, Flanger and Phaser category
  • Compressor – All types of compressors audio plugin effect (Multiband Compressor, stereo compressor, vintage style, single band).
  • Delay / Echo – If you need delay or echo effect
  • Distortion / Overdrive / Fuzz – Index of free distortion, overdrive, fuzz effect audio plugins
  • EQ / Equalizer – Equalizers effects
  • Filter – Free Filtering effects plugins
  • Flanger – Free Flanger effects plugins
  • Limiter & Soft Clipper – Free limiter et soft clipper effects plugins
  • Others VST – Pan envelope, Channel Strip, Gadgets, Tape Dynamics Simulator, Stereo Expander, Exciter, Time-Stretching, Octaver
  • Phaser – or phase shifter free vst audio effect
  • Pitch Shifter – Free Pitch Shifter Section
  • Reverb – Collection of Reverb audio plugin.
  • Reverb – Collection of Free Transient Shaper audio plugin.
  • Vocoder – List of Free Vocoder plugins