Voctopus - Free VSTi Synth Instrument

Voctopus – VST Synth

Voctopus – free VSTi 8 band realtime vocoder with onboard synthesizer

  •     8 Band filter bank with attack, decay and extra carrier gain
  •     Seperate modulator and carrier multi-filters
  •     Fully playable and automatable on-board synth


  •     2 x dual oscillator with dual detune
  •     Sine, saw, triangle and square waveshapes
  •     Pulse width
  •     Octave, semitone and fine tuning
  •     Hardsync
  •     Sub-oscillator slaved to osc 1, with waveshape and octave choice
  •     Noise generator with choice of noise, ability to modulate noise with osc 1 or 2 output, and high pass filter with cut off control
  •     FM
  •     Ring modulation


Info & Download >> boxsounds / Voctopus

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