Voc-One - Free VST Synthesizer Instrument

Voc-One – Free VST Synthesizer Instrument

Voc-One is a free VST synthesizer instrument. It uses a simple analogue synthesizer to simulate a glottal pulse or pulses and then uses a powerful, morphable formant filter bank to give a realistic, warm and flexible vocal quality.

Voc-One includes the following features:

  • full control over each stage of the vocal synthesis;
  • morphable formant filter with 11 recognized phonetic vowel spectra;
  • morphing between vowels sounds subtle and natural;
  • control over the register of the formant filter and the emphasis to give a much greater range of possible vocal types;
  • 8 presets plus room for 8 more;
  • built in high quality reverb (UDReverb based on freeverb);
  • lots of potential for experimentation.

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Simple-Media / Voc-One

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