The Visitor - Free Stereo Chorus Synthesizer VST Plugin

The Visitor – Stereo Chorus Synthesizer

The Visitor is a free compact VST synthesizer boasts a tempo-synced stereo chorus effect for spooky, wavy pads and fat, detuned basses.

The Visitor Features:

  • Each side (L,R) has it’s own independent synth/filter circuit with static and envelope filters.
  • The stereo chorus modulates the pitch of each synth to create the effect.
  • The depth/detune turned to max drifts the pitch 1/2 step.
  • HP/LP are chained before the filter envelope.
  • Waveform select, poly/mono modes, and output.
  • (synth/input volume controlled by small, unlabeled knob above output knob)


Price: Free

Info & Download >> SynthIV / The Visitor

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