Vaccin - Free VST Synthesizer Instrument

Vaccin – Free VST Synth Instrument

Vaccin is a free VST Polyphonic Synthesizer Instrument plug-in.


  • 3 Oscilator with 32 shapes + wavedraw (That works like click on waveforms and edit) + 3x Unison on each osc & Sync for oscilator 2 and 3.
  • Incluiding Ring Mod FM & Pwm
  • 2 Mod Envelopes & 2 Env Amount for modifing signal.
  • Matrix with 9 desitnations
  • Portamento With Slide.
  • up to 12 voices poly.
  • 2 Filters with types
  • 1 Filter out for each osc to select filters.
  • 3 Lfos with basic waveforms. Sine,Triangle,Sawtooth,Ramp,Square Well optimized and ofc Sync modes.
  • Pitch Wheel And Mod Wheel.
  • Pitch for each oscilator can control the lfo signal and also the mod env signal for Specific sound like gigi d agostino leads for example.

Price: Free

Info & Download >> TRJ-plugs / Vaccin

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