Truth Synth - Free Synthesizer VST Instrument

Truth Synth – Free Synthesizer VST Instrument

Truth Synth is a free VST Synthesizer Instrument Plugin.


  • 2 Oscillators capable of Detuning
  • Each with Volume Control and:
  • Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle, Square, and Noise Waveforms
  • 1 highly adjustable Filter section for dialing in that perfect Timbre with
  • Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject, and Peak Filtering
  • 1 ADSR Envelope with special “Tweak” function
  • 1 Ping-Pong Delay unit
  • Pitch Bend
  • Portamento
  • Voice Management
  • Selectable MIDI In / Out (Standalone Version)
  • Low CPU usage
  • ASIO Compatible
  • 1 Convenient Purplish Patch Selector with 150 slots and 124 Multi-Colored Presets provided.
  • Factory Bank to Restore Original Presets Included

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Truth Synth

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