Rock - Free Distortion Synth VST

Rock – Free Distortion Synth VST

Rock is a free Distortion Synth Instrument with nasty basses and leads, distorted pads and sequence and some just basically weird sounds with it.


  • Two oscillators and two filters. Oscillators can be used in additive , ring mod , FM and sync modes, filters in 12/24db low/high/bp/br mode with interfilter distortion
  • Each oscillator can used sine, tri, sqr, saw, noise or 2 user waves. Lots of shaping options for the oscillators , such as feedback (normal or inter-osc), symmetry , rectification, limit boosting, sub-osc
  • 4 unison oscillators , each can be detuned to created richer sounds, chords etc
  • Works in poly,mono and legato modes with 2 portmento modes
  • 16 slot modulation matrix , all the controls are modulatable with envelopes, lfos , step sequences, midi cc, velocity, note etc
  • 3 seven stage envelopes, 3 multi-wave LFO’s and two 16 step sequences
  • You can create your own user waves using 32 partial additive synthesis , hundreds of these waves are inclued with Rock and you can save your own to disk
  • Six effects , delay/chorus, reverb, distortion+amp, compressor, 2 band eq, low-fi . You can set the order these effects are applied and there is FX feedback so the output of the effect is feed
    back into the fx path
  • Gui is totally skinable, comes with two skins
  • 128 presets built in
  • Full Manual

Price: Free

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