RHEC - Free VST Synthesizer Instrument

RHEC – VST Synthesizer Instrument

RHEC has a very analog sound with enough bite to cut through a dense mix, there’s enough features packed into this synth to keep you twiddling for hours, and the delay effects really enhance the whole experience encompassing you in a wide stereo field.

From analog brasses to phat basses and leads, all the way to wild effects.

RHEC has 2 oscillators, moog filter, ADSR, filter contour, midi learn, LFO, random gate, keyboard tracking, velocity control & more.The effects section features a delay unit and chorus, the delay unit includes stereo panning control, L/R volume controls, internal/host sync & filtering. The chorus is highly customizable with wet/dry, 3 LFOs, pre – delays, width control & more.

Price: Free

Info & Download >> JC Productionz / RHEC

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