Quilcom Transformer | Free VST Synth Instrument

Quilcom Transformer | Free VST Synth Instrument by Rex Basterfield

The Quilcom Transformer is another take on additive synthesis. There are 6 identical generators. At the top is a bar graph where you set the relative value of 24 partials. The resulting single-cycle waveform is shown lower left in the generator. To clear the bar graph, just double right-click. Graphs can be saved or loaded for use in other generators and presets.

Each generator has its own graphic envelope generator for amplitude. For the envelope options right-click in the display. To alter the zoom of the envelope graph drag up/down on the grey scroll bar. This is useful for creating long evolving sounds with many nodes or for editing short attack shapes for example.

To the area left of the envelope generator there is an optional pitch envelope. In this area you can enter the pitch ratio of the generator to the standard A=440; just enter the numerical ratio like 0.5 for sub octave, 1.001 for slow beating with other generators and so on.

Also in this area you can set the FM amount received from the FM bus, the AM amount from the AM LFO and select pitch tracking which can be off or set to make higher notes louder or quieter.

In the area to the right of the envelope generator you can set the level and left-right panning output from the generator. Also here you can choose key velocity response to amplitude. Underneath that you can mute or unmute the generator and this is useful to hear the contribution being made by that generator to the whole sound. When a generator is active (unmuted) the LED by the generator selection column is lit so you know which generators are in use, for editing purposes.

Below the generator section there are two simple FM modulator synths, the left one having an optional pitch envelope selectable. You can enter the pitch ratio for these. These both feed into the FM bus used by the generators above.

The next row down contains 2 basic synth strips which can provide noise or simple waveforms to act as a base or quick enhancement to the additive generators. The left one has an optional pitch envelope useful for percussion sounds for example.

Finally, at the bottom of the front panel, is a row of effects which are routed in series left to right and can be enabled or disabled as required.

There are 35 presets to demonstrate some of the possibilities with this monster synth and hopefully whet your appetite for creating more. Beware this is a CPU-heavy plugin, especially with everything in use, due to the amount of action under the hood.


Price: Free

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