Quilcom Blender | Free VST Synth Instrument

Quilcom Blender | Free VST Synth Instrument by Rex Basterfield

The Quilcom Blender is a free VST synthesizer that was made to explore the possibilities of dynamic waveform morphing (crossfading). Be surprised at the range of sounds this technique can produce and there are 19 presets provided just to give a quick taste.

There are 2 identical Generators provided, selectable from the top right of the GUI.

The Blend envelope controls the mix between 2 waveforms, Wave 1 and wave 2. These Waves can be drawn on screen (double right click to set to zero) or loaded and saved as text files. In addition there are 2 basic synth strips, Synth 1 and 2, which can each be blended with wave 1 and 2. If you zero the graphic waves you’ll just hear the synth strips, as per their settings.

There is an FM section where you can draw or load the modulator waveform and control its envelope with or without velocity response. The FM modulator then can be blended between Waves 1 and 2.

The resulting sound is then passed through a dynamic filter, with its own envelope, and finally to the output level envelope. At this point you can pan the sound from this whole generator between left and right stereo output.

Naturally you could have completely different sounds in Generator 1 and 2 and pan and mix them as you wish.

At the bottom of the GUI are 4 effects routed in series left to right and they can all be enabled or disabled.

On the right are the usual MIDI settings, an adjustable mod wheel LFO for vibrato affecting all, an FM LFO affecting all and an AM LFO affecting all.

At the very bottom is a small help button which gives an overlay with basic operation notes.

In the zip file you’ll find the VSTi plugin, the presets and also an Extras folder.


Price: Free

Info & Download >> Flowstoners / Quilcom Blender

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