Quilcom Beater | Free Percussion Synthesiser

Quilcom Beater | Free Percussion Synthesiser by Rex Basterfield

The Quilcom BEATER is a free percussion synthesiser VST instrument capable of a huge range of virtual analogue sounds. Many popular sounds are provided by the 50 presets prepared, but much more is possible if you want to experiment.

Rather than make a full-on drum synth, with a rack of these, it would be more flexible for the user to incorporate as many or as few into the DAW that would be needed for a song project. In this way it’s easier to add say a reverb effect just to the snare or whatever you want, without complicated routing inside this plugin itself.

The front panel is easy to understand but on the Base synth strip the FM level knob feeds back to the phase (FM) input of itself, the Base synth, so the output amplitude variation affects the spectrum during the envelope period.

The Ring modulation strip has two inputs; one from the upper Base synth and the other from the oscillator in the Ring mod strip. The ring modulated sound is then processed by the envelope and filter in the Ring mod strip and mixed to the output.

You can set the Beater to respond to any MIDI note you wish and the loaded preset is displayed large to enable easier tweaking of the correct plugin when you have multiple instances.


Price: Free

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