Poly-LD8 | Free VST Synthesizer Instrument

Poly-LD8 | Free VST Synthesizer Instrument by Ldaysynths

Poly-LD8 is a free very Poly-800 inspired VST synthesizer Instrument, will bring the Poly 800 Sound on your 32bit Daw.


It Features:

  • 8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • 2 Poly-800 OSC’s with Scaleable Overtones and Pan
  • 2 ADBSSR Envelope Generators
  • 1 LowPass Resonance Filter with ADBSSR Envelope Generator
  • 1 Noise Generator
  • 1 Lfo with Sinewave for OSC, Filter and Velocity and Delay
  • The Mastervolume is wired to the Velocity
  • 1 Chorus + 1 Host Synced Pingpong delay


Price: Free

Info & Download >> Ldaysynths / Poly-LD8

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