Plex 2 - Free Synthesizer VST Instrument

Plex 2 – Synthesizer VST Instrument

Wolfgang Palm’s unique Plex 2 synthesizer (aka Steinberg Plex) is available for free download (formerly priced at £169.99)!

Here’s a version of the PLEX synthesizer for free download! Sorry Mac users, it’s PC only.

Please note that the manuals provided are the originals from 2002.

Plex 2 is available for free download via Hermann Seib’s website.

Main features of the Plex 2 synthesizer:

  • New synthesis approach by “PPG legend” Wolfgang Palm.
  • Real-time swapping between components of 33 sound sources.
  • 97 special pre-analyzed sound sources included.
  • 3 ADSRs, 3 synchronizable LFOs, global pitch LFO.
  • Modulation section with Stereo Delay and Flanger effects.
  • Up to 64 voices, 300 presets included.
  • All parameters accessible via MIDI controller.

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Wolfgang Palm / Plex 2

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