Mormox Imitate - Free Murmux Initiate Emulation VST Instrument

Mormox Imitate – Murmux Initiate Emulation VST Instrument

Mormox Imitate is a free VST „Emulation“ of Hardware-synth from Greece, called „Murmux Initiate“. And it has a very „simple“ Structure at Original: 2 Oscillators with Subosc, 2 waves (Saw and Pulse) Lowpass-Filter, simple LFO, 2 Envelopes (one AD, one ADSR)…


  • 2 OSC with Saw and Pulse, 2 Octave Tuner-knobs and FM-Modulation (Osc1 Cutoff)
  • Suboscillator (one Octave lower as Osc1) with Pulsewave
  • Combined Lowpass-Bandpass-Filter with Cutoff and Resonance and ADSR EG
  • LFO with Rate and Depth Potis for Oscilator or Cutoff Modulations
  • Special ADSR EG with embeded LFO/Loop (Ramp and S/H waves), the Sustain-poti
  • regulates the intensity. Targets are the Amplifier, Oscilator Tuning or Cutoff !
  • Delaysection with Pan-Lfo Glide and warm Shaper/Overdrive
  • Monofon and only 18 Patches at moment, Sorry but my time did not reach for more.

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Mormox Imitate

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