Mini - g | Free VST Synthesizer Instrument

Mini – g | Free VST Synthesizer Instrument by Infected Sounds

Mini-g is a very powerful mini synthesizer made for all kind of analogue sounds, “Mini-g” means mini analogue. This synth was made for some typical kind of sounds to genre the most powerful analogue sounds. Mini-g can make fat basslines such as leads, plucks and many more.


It Features:

  • 1 x Preset manager with 64 presets
  • 3 x Morph Oscillators with range, semi, fine, env, and 16 shapes for each oscillator
  • 2 x Sync for oscillator 2 and 3
  • 2 x Filter Envelopes
  • 2 x Filter Envelope Destionations
  • 2 x Filter Envelope Amounts
  • 1 x Amp Envelope
  • 2 x Routable LFOs with depth speed phase sync, also 16 shapes + 3 slopes and S&H
  • 1 x Overdrive
  • 1 x Noise with white and pink mode
  • 1 x Portamento with legato and slide mode
  • 1 x Coarse tune
  • 1 x Velocity
  • 1 x Fatner with detune
  • 1 x Filter with cutoff, reso, key and 12dB, 24dB with LP, HP, BP, BYP
  • 1 x Master fine tune
  • 1 x Hold Option
  • 1 x Pitch Wheel with range
  • 1 x Mod Wheel with destinations
  • 1 x Poly up to 12 voices
  • 1 x Aftertouch



Win 32 Bit so far, 64 Bit will come later.



Price: Free

Info & Download >> Infected Sounds

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