MBX3 Free VSTi monophonic bass synthesizer instrument

MBX3 – Bass Synthesizer

MBX3 is a monophonic bass synthesizer – inspired by the legendary analog monophonic MAM MB33 mkII bass synthesizer. With the very similar layout as the original, the MBX3 has one oscillator with sawtooth or pulse waveform and a sub oscillator with sine waveform, followed by an analog-modelled 24db lowpass filter with modified resonance reaction and passive-controlled overdrive circuit inside the filter.

Like the original the MBX3 has a distortion fx unit on the signal output for more aggressive sound shaping. All the features united with 2x oversampling and low cpu demand.

Features :

  • monophonic bass synthesizer
  • 1 Oscillator with 2 Waveforms (Sawtooth & Pulse)
  • 1 Sub-oscillator
  • analog modelled 4-Pole lowpass filter
  • modified resonance reaction
  • pass-controlled overdrive circuit in the filter
  • PWM and filter modulation
  • VCA with glide control
  • distortion fx unit
  • 2x oversampling
  • 10 factory presets


Info & Download >> audio-desk / MBX3

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