The Loud - Free VST Synthesizer Instrument plugin

The Loud – Free VST Synthesizer plugin

The Loud is a free VST Synthesizer Instrument plugin designed to give the user access to the most bass and low end power as possible.  Two independent synthesizers create rich basses, creamy pads, and wholly unique sounds.

The Loud Features:

  • Two synthesizers (Main/Low) with independent amplifier and filter envelopes (Low envelopes are switchable)
  • Low runs directly through a low pass filter/boost circuit to create
  • 3-mode chorus effect (runs through Main)
  • Filter pitch runs through envelope, resonance is static
  • X-fade between Main/Low to balance signal.  Use scope behind the name (compares Main/Low signals), and the frequency analyzer for visual reference.
  • Poly and Mono modes, adjustable bend range, stereo out


Price: Free

Info & Download >> SynthIV / The Loud

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