LoFrequencyOrchestra - Free VST FM Synth instrument

LoFrequencyOrchestra – Free VST FM Synth instrument

LoFrequencyOrchestra is a free 5 way LFO FM Synth VST Instrument.

LoFrequencyOrchestra is a Frequency Modulation synth with a 5-way controllable LFO. A dark, jagged sound creator with a battered look that suggests it’s survived a house fire. 8 presets, all set to HORROR.

Technical Specification: 2 Oscillators (one carrier wave,one modulator wave) with 7 waveforms each. 1 VCA envelope. Carrier Wave Phase Mod Depth, Modulator Wave Phase Mod Depth, Mono/Poly and Portamento all add to the creative options for sound generation. An added attraction is the inclusion of a rich and lovely stereo reverb by David Haupt & Unkargherth.Oscilloscope generates real-time waveform readout for both oscillators. LFO has Depth, Phase Mod Depth and Pulse Width controls as well as 7 waveforms.

LFO Target has 3 options: Phase Mod, Pitch, Pulse Width.

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Flintpope / LoFrequencyOrchestra

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