JXSynth Free VSTi Synthesizer Instrument

JXSynth Synthesizer VST

The JXSynth is a VST 2.0 compatible software synthesizer with a unique sound and a fresh interface which sets it apart from other VST synths. It boasts Fully Customizable Midi Control, New High-Quality Anti-Aliasing Oscillators and a flexible and intuative architecture, yet still manages to maintain its position as one of the lowest priced VST instruments on the market.


Features :

  •     2 variable waveform (Sine,Triangle, Saw, Pulse) variable quality Anti-Aliasing Oscillators.
  •     2 Pole resonant Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Band Stop digital IIR filter.
  •     LFO with note/beat/tempo synchronization – Perfect for accurate Filter Sweeps.
  •     Two Oscillator combine methods – For subtle changes in sound.
  •     Unison for Phat Sounds with additional Spread Control.
  •     Fully customizable MIDI Control.
  •     32 Polyphonic channels.
  •     32 program banks per synth.
  •     Quality, fast 3D Graphical Interface for precise control.


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