Fatmoo | Free VST Synthesizer Instrument

Fatmoo | Free VST Synthesizer Instrument

Fatmoo is a VST synthesizer, built with SynthEdit. it works on the Windows platform, and you need a VST host to use it. it is basically a VA type synth, but with some deliberately unusual features.


first of all, the 2 main oscillators have variable fatness. they can range from square (approx) to sin (approx) to triangle to “less than triangle” form. the knobs give visual feedback about the current waveform.

second, all the usual parameters (OSC B pitch, cutoff, resonance, etc.) as well as oscillators fatness can be modulated with an LFO and an envelope. there are 6 LFOs and 6 EGs (envelope can also be inverted on parameters), you can mix them as you like.

third, for added fun, you can phase-modulate the LFOs in chain, eg. use LFO1 to modulate LFO2 and then LFO2 to modulate LFO3 etc. the small buttons next to the LFOs headers activate the modulation.

finally, OSC B can modulate OSC A’s fatness (sorta FM, but with a different meaning for “F” :-). (well, actually, it sounds more like PWM than FM).


Price: Free

Info & Download >> Fatmoo

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